Saturday, August 26, 2017

Search Engine Optimisation : Changing Paradigm

Since the inception of Internet sites and blogs descended upon us. A veritable media gift it transgressed all boundaries that limited search and increased accessibility to information.   The search engines evolved continuously in order to perfect the delivery. In this case it was to put forth the right solution/answer to the query. Not to mention Google took the lead with algorithms that deliver much better results. 

With the plethora of  websites and blogs online a hoard was initiated to rank better by the owners. This lead to tips and tricks being worked out. The search engines wanted the best sites for a query to surface. So guidelines were made public which enumerated salient features of a good website that was nearer to the preferences set by the the search engines.

Then the experts realised the value of external links pointing to the website. These links made the website rise up the SERPs since these were votes that indicated popularity. This was the assistance accepted by the indexing and ranking programs and the website was place higher.           

Leading from these development search engine optimisation came into picture. The webmaster provided the expertise to the clients in order to make a career. 

Was this the end? Well no!

The SE companies soon realised the spam that had started, and webmasters who could trick the system ruled the roost. This lead to websites ranking high on SERPs even if they did not provide a satisfactory answer to the query, had poor architecture and contents.  Those who could manipulate were happy. At last a lucrative career.  

But constantly the algorithms were evolving - the main goal was to root out spam. Hence constant updates and filters changed the algorithms and they still do. 

The Result!

  • No more cheap link building. 
  • No more keyword stuffing. 
  • A pluralistic keyword or anchor text profile/
  • Ouster of improper, low information content. 
  • Weight on onpage factors that added to sound user experience. 
  • Mobile friendliness became important as mobile search increased.       
  • Dilution of on page tags H1, H2 etc.??
  • Slow devaluation of keywords in domain name. 
  • Title is like a house name plate so will remain important. 
  • Description is now used as such and has lost much of the SEO value.
  • Keyword tags have nearly become redundant. 
  • Proper placement of relevant contents is a must. 
  • Internal links are less important but can assist in site architecture and UX.  
  • Images, videos, sound all provide interactivity hence relevant to SEO. 
  • Fresh contents may not be possible on websites hence add a blog and keep writing usefully.
  • Use of parameters, tags and of technologies that assist in proper indexing.  
  • Creating snippets using structured metadata. 

These changes eventually resulted in better results. And companies like Google assist in search engine optimisation by publishing guidelines. Hence SEO is a two way street, and webmasters will always remain active and valuable to the SE firms. 

Links & Keywords

Much more is going on but high valued links are still required. Since the algorithms could not be the sole judge of websites popularity. Keywords are still required in a semantic manner with less reliance on percentage.   

Site Architecture & Contents

Good fluent architecture takes the cake so does user friendly and relevant contents. The latter has become imperative and will remain so since user experience is much enhanced by contents especially of interactive and anecdotal nature. Domain age and authority spells success coupled with all enhancing factors. 

Social Media & Online Reputation 

Another means of judging a popularity of site is the online reputation. Hence social media has come into picture, the extent is not known but nevertheless popularity on networking sites is essential for SEO which is the main element of Internet or Digital Marketing.  

Activity on social media sites also means marketing and this is the chief mode of online marketing. Hence you get two benefits with one activity.     


The paradigm has changed and further evolving. Some aspects have become important:

Content Writing:  This is of great importance to webmasters - write good or perish. 

Technical Seo: Understanding technicalities are important, content writer may not be able to implement on website but they can always take assistance from web designers and programmers.  

Architecture & Content Creation: Understanding these elements are of utmost importance since they are implemented at white board stage and should lead to user friendliness.  

Discouraging Factors

Intervention By Search Engines,.

Brand preference on SERPs to what is already known and the names are on the lips.  This has prevented or discouraged deeper search since the SERPs are being overwhelmed by popular brand leaders. Unique information or finding the less known has become difficult as few visitors go beyond the first or second page.  Visitor love mystery and esoteric findings. 

Devaluation of tags. Well this is assumed but if true it will be discouraging for proper formatting of contents and interactive elements due to the fear being penalised. 

Indexing & Ranking

There are more than two hundred metrics which enable indexing and ranking this is bad news for spammers. Hence search engine optimisation calls for a pluralistic approach. A wide mix of activities are necessary. Avoid Spam!

Online Ads

Though out of the SEO exercise they are valuable means of keeping the site afloat and get seasonal or opportune business. Since the cost is high the Ads require a proper strategy.  But they should be mixed with the campaign depending upon the budget.  

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Web Saturation: Searching for Social Media

Web saturation is one of the key goals of search engine optimization. This has become an extensive horizontal effort after Panda and Penguin and now possibly Fred. Most of the methodology adopted earlier are now considered as spam.      

Multiple link creation on single domain or on weak platforms resulted in massive exercise by major Seo Companies. All this is passe, SEO has become more authoritative, and requires skills not muscle. Hence these companies have vanished or on the verge.    

Content creation or rather unique content creation remains the key for search engine optimization - an indispensable part of Internet Marketing.  Content and media are the main players on social platforms which have been included in the metrics used to derive ranking and domain authority. Popularity on social media will lead  to web saturation, this is good for ranking as well as ideal getting leads or referrals.

This is a massive exercise nonetheless if you include important internal pages into the campaign. The difference after the updates is that this has become a highly dedicated and skilled effort. Mere posting will not help, this is bad news for web buzzers or SEO beginners who found jobs for posting on articles sites, forums and directories. The links are still relevant but on much smaller scale and are effective only whence the content associated with them is unique and relevant to the anchor text or title as the case may.         

Search engines are impressed by a site present on many authoritative platforms. Well this is different from natural link aggregation which is equally important. Contents which are subject to editorial scrutiny are or should be highly respected by search engines, and the associated links should carry lot of juice. Hence searching for such new platforms becomes a regular exercise for those in SEO and Internet Marketing.      

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Twitter: What is it?

Twitter Information Network

It is a vast storehouse of information and thoughts besides entertainment. Twitter incidentally is a vast storehouse of propaganda and advertisement as well. The web interface is truly multidimensional communication medium.

Initially Twttr was a brain child of  member of American Company Odeo. That idea was to create an online platform that would communicate to a small group using an SMS like service.  The name Twttr was ascribed to Noah Glass part of the creative team. With acquisition of The name was changed to Twitter ...suggestive as chirp of the birds. 

In recent times, the free platform has become one of most reckoned medium for communications. The main delivery arises from the writing box which is limited to 140 characters, an interactive feature which is the sentinel of expressions - vociferous or mute. You can also upload images and videos, create polls, and specify your location in order to be most effective. Using the hashtag # one can group posts as well.     

The tweets can be sent through SMS services on smart phone using a short code.

The  tweets (Max 140 Char,) as they are called enable networking with like minded people as well  as facilitated search. The medium also facilitates subscription of tweets - originating from others, and this aspect is known as following. Your offerings also invite others to follow you, and they are called followers.

Registration is a prerequisite in order to tweet, but you can access tweets without being registered. The username upon registration become your address: @pateluday.      

It is good to have followers, but it is productive to follow others whose offering can be a rich source of information for you thus enhancing your creativity and knowledge. The best part is, you can choose  and pick what to read from among the  large list of tweets scrolling down on the home page. 

There is a feature that enables you to message people in your group. This leads to greater interactive and enables commerce.  Read Internet Marketing.  

Using the digital space effectively can result in business growth besides help propagate personal opinions on the Internet.  Individual tweets can be re-tweeted in order to send the message to all of one's followers. The like feature helps in creating and authority and attracts more readers.  

Offensive and abusive language can be censored. 

For more information read>

Keyword Research That Makes or Break Business

In search engine optimisation keyword research plays an important role. Without the right keyword choice the campaign may fizzle out. Hence the first step whence taking over a new project is to extensively study the website and then derive search terms that should be targeted.   


The Seo professional needs to look into the offering of the website holistically, and what products or services are being targeted. This calls for sitting with the client and discussing all aspects of his online business. After this analyse competition and what they are targeting. Make a deep study how to rank your clients website.  


It is also important to know the sphere of client's business, whether he wants to generate leads from local places or state wise or country level. Country level rankings are highly competitive nevertheless you will charge more and take more time. In order to achieve position on primary competitive search terms you have to climb the ladder from step one any way. 

Hence the location is essentially mentioned on the website. Supplies, services and products are searched for in the place of location.

Example: Stationary suppliers in NY, tea brands in India, hotels in Jabalpur.      

Beginning: Research

Keyword research begins using common sense. 

What phrases would you type in order to seek those service or products?

If it is a comprehensive eCommerce portal than you have to understand the category. If need be you can engineer contents with the involvement of the client to give an accurate delivery.  

It is important to target the right phrases. You can use many tools available online to come to a conclusion or use your own brain besides some idea from the client. As person in this trade you must have developed an acumen as to what people type on the Internet on SERPs.    

Types of search terms    

Standalone keywords are rarely targeted since they are impossible to rank.  The targeted terms are usually phrases with the most competitive ones are called as primary keywords. Terms that are supposed to be less competitive (less typed) are called secondary keywords. The last but not the least are long tail terms which fewer people type in the box hence less competitive.  These are unique and cumulative ranking would yield high traffic hence do not ignore them. They are more effective and easier to rank with high conversion rate. 

Example : 1) Green tea 
                 2) Buy green tea online

The latter is typed with intent hence more effective.    

While finalising terms to be targeted you can have a peek at Adwords being run the SERPs or use tools as I said  earlier. All the selected phrases should correlate with the websites offerings.    

For service providers managing Adwords campaign things are easier since they have had live experience of value of search terms regarding that topic. 

One caution is do not target highly competitive terms if you website offerings are well below. 

Blogging For Business

Blogging is a perfect outlet for one's thoughts and beliefs. The more focused is the approach the better it is.  This does not mean all bloggers concentrate on the topic of  their expertise. But generally dedicated blogs are topic based. This is the way to get indexed and rank well. This is the way to communicate with your audience as well.  

On Internet people search for information in order to satisfy their query or to enliven their interest. The platform is an excellent media for business as well. This is one good way to be interactive and publish fresh information about one's business or service. 

Blogs are generally written in an anecdotal manner hence personal experience counts. Highlighting industry trends about products in demand or innovations is what this medium is best for.   

In modern blogging platforms like Blogger, Typepad or WordPress there is enough room for interactive features. These are free platforms hence cannot be dedicated to one company or brand. Your object of promotion could one among many though. 

In order to achieve absolute independence one should have own blog designed and attached to the company website.  This is the best way to position your brand in the industry and interact with customers. Call to action or free offers can be floated on your blog entries, this one is  good way to generate leads and go for conversions.  

The blog whence linked with your website can enhance traffic and help rank higher on SERPs.

In order to make the platform interactive one can add images,videos and info graphics. This also leads to creating authority as industry leader. Carefully written descriptive entries attract maximum followers which is good for your business.    

Publish entries regularly with keywords in order to promote products and services. This will also enhance online reputation. The point is to disseminate information such that customer queries are satisfied.   This will also make your blog rank higher and help generate traffic on regular basis.

A blog is a virtual tool for promotion besides engaging visitors in a meaningful way.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Making Most of The Social Media

That social media is a new media for marketing is slowly sliding down peoples throat. For many people it still remains a medium for entertainment and personal indulgence. But careful crafting will lead to unprecedented gains.   

Blogs, Twitter tweets, Facebook likes, You Tube Videos, Stumbling, Instagram Photos and so on these are the finest medium for online reputation building through effective communications. The long arm reach obtained leads to effective marketing of your services and products.    

But is it that easy? 

Long years of practice and skill development are the key to success. As a matter of fact they are a must. But what takes the cake is content creation and marketing through social media. Visitors are not sitting there to note your offerings or brand...they need to be engaged through effective, interactive and anecdotal writing. These are the skills that make your social media participation a robust exercise.    

Besides content, photos and videos make your entries entertaining and hence informative. Visitors like to receive a package that justifies the time spent listening to you. 

Blogging, article writing, journals are all pervasive medium that let you float your contents on diverse platforms. You can bookmark on reputed sites or network using contents on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and elsewhere. Get involved with groups that conform to your offerings or participate on relevant forums. This what Internet or Digital Marketing is all about.  

Another important point to understand is optimisation. An optimised output is always relevant and well focused. Topical relevancy is a must for search engines to understand and hence index and rank in the right manner. Success here means immense outreach on SERPs, and hence increase in networking that will float the message to your followers worldwide.      

You can be a good writer (u need to be), an excellent photographer or a video man, good at content curation and so on...well all that appeals to the audience.     

Most important is online research, a continuous exercise in order to discover mediums where you can leave an effective messages and appealing conversations. This is what will attract the right audience which you can convert to business or your services.